Practicing Mindfulness is Essential to Well-being

Practicing mindfulness brings clarity to the mind, reduces anxiety, reduces stress, makes us more alert, enhances overall mental health and improves self-control. To practice mindfulness it is necessary to eliminate all forms of distraction. We should quiet our minds and when we realize that we are mentally wandering we should return to focus on the present moment. Practice mindfulness through breathing exercises, meditation, and observations without judgment. By practicing mindfulness we will notice things that we did not previously, through greater awareness of our surroundings.

Experience Nature

We are not accustomed to do such simple things of life like being outdoors enjoying nature, which can make a huge difference to our well-being. Short walks through a park, walk barefoot on the grass, riding a bike, or even a hiking adventure can make a great deal of difference regarding how we feel. Nature helps us to de-stress and recharge our batteries for what is coming next. The skin will also benefit from exercise and fresh air; benefits that we miss when working in closed offices with air conditioners.


Even five minutes of meditation can help us to unwind, de-stress and get ourselves into balance. The technique of meditation has been known for millennia and has been shown to be effective to improve the quality of mental and physical health. Meditation is beneficial for those people who have difficulty in relaxing. Training our bodies to meditate frequently will enable us to enhance our mood, lower blood pressure, and reduce lifestyle stresses. This will in turn help to reduce allergies and other skin conditions that developed due to high levels of stress hormones in the body.

Take Small Breaks

It is beneficial to take a break. Our busy lives are under pressure and do not allow much time for breaks. It is beneficial to take a mini break and rest the mind and body from the activities that are causing us pressure. Constant stress and repetitive movements can lead to obesity, heart problems, depression and many other illnesses. Even the shortest break will help to clear our minds and rejuvenate our bodies.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques can decrease the heart rate, reduce muscle tension, and eliminate anxiety that can sometimes lead to overeating. Breathing techniques are also an immediate stress reliever, act as a natural pain killer, promote better blood flow, can increase our energy, can calm us down and also promote better sleep. We can practice breathing techniques anywhere and anytime. Practicing regular breathing techniques can also help us deal with difficult situations, avoid panic attacks and stay healthy.

Listening Mindfully

Listening mindfully is a technique that requires listening to people and allowing them to express themselves fully without interruptions or judgments. We can practice this technique with any conversation and after gathering all the information we need to know, we can develop an informed opinion about a situation, allowing us to make the right decisions. We avoid stress that is caused by misunderstanding information, which subsequently causes stress in others.

Eating Meditation

Eating Meditation allows us to tune in with our body's needs, connect with the present moment, have a better relationship with food, and be more aware about what we put into our bodies. We are often too busy to think about what we have on our plates and sometimes are not fully present during the time we are nourishing ourselves. The technique of Eating Meditation enables us to make better decisions about food, helping us to avoid cravings and unnecessary snacking. Eating the wrong food can ruin our plans to get a beautiful skin.