Our Story

Plan of Youth is a Miami skincare company that was founded in 2018 with the objective of providing a new approach to the way that people achieve beauty. Miami is a center of innovation for wellness and beauty, and is well known as a health conscious destination that attracts visitors from around the globe. Miami has been our inspiration for the development of Plan of Youth skincare products.

Plan of Youth is a women owned brand that was created with the objective of producing safer, vegan, gluten and cruelty-free skincare products. Our founders have worked for many years in the beauty industry, helping clients with product development and launches.

We saw that people were consuming beauty products, which had harsh ingredients that were causing skin issues, and unsuitable for their lifestyles. We listened to people telling us about their skin concerns and observed their beauty regimens when formulating the objectives for the Plan of Youth product line.

The world today is fast paced, we work longer hours, and our emotions are overwhelmed with a constant stream of information. We have to adapt rapidly to circumstances around us and so our body suffers with various forms of stress. The pressures we feel contribute to fatigue, lack of sleep, low energy, and low self-esteem. All of these factors impact on how we feel and how our skin looks, and can cause premature aging.

Based on these observations, we realized that skincare is more than just products that beautify a complexion. Beauty is much deeper than the skin; beauty is about connecting with our inner nature.

The key to get a healthy-looking skin is to ensure that you have the best nutrition, while trying to live a happy, low-stress life, although we know that last part is not easy. Combine these steps with our Plan of Youth skincare products that have been developed with wellness inspired ingredients to help you get a flawless skin.

Our Product Concept

Our products are designed to help with all your beauty concerns. We use only safe and naturally-derived ingredients that are inspired in wellness, to respect your well-being. Our products bring a sense of health, making you feel connected with your nature, and giving you daily doses of precious nutrients, to unlock the beauty that is inside you.

We carefully selected ingredients that encourage skin repair, adapt to environmental changes, restore a youthful glow, and fight the stress that confronts us in our daily lives. Our products will also help to safeguard your complexion from environmental pollution and premature aging.

Plan of Youth is bringing a new skin wellness experience, especially for you as you seek a healthier lifestyle and want to follow the wellness plan that we have prepared. The holistic approach of our beauty plan will inspire you to make the changes that you find essential for good health and a beautiful skin.

Each step of the beauty plan will help you promote wellness from inside out, and as a result you will get a beautiful glowing young-looking skin. We show you that clear skin is possible, eliminating the need for heavy makeup to cover imperfections. Skin wellness is an objective that we can all achieve.