Wellness Inspired Skincare


Lacking hydration, elasticity, luminosity and firmness? Tired of wrinkles, flaky skin, breakouts? Our simplistic 3-step skincare routine is everything you need. It is a life changer making your skin healthy again, vibrant and delicious to the touch. Your skin is finally back to its natural state.

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Enjoy a NEW kind of Glow!

Let us introduce you to our mini versions of Plan of Youth skincare products. This cute travel kit has all the essentials for a beautifully renewed and healthy-looking skin. Packed with vital vitamins and antioxidants, it boots your complexion to bring more radiance. Perfect when you are on the go. It will be your best skin companion whether it is summer or winter, on a trip, or even in-flight to prepare your skin for your final destination making sure you are at your best. This is the ideal facial treatment to keep your skin perfectly balanced and hydrated at all times. Get the Plan of Youth travel kit now and take your glow to the next level!

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A Holistic Approach to Beauty

We present a new way of approaching skincare. Rediscover the pleasure of treating your complexion with our 3-step smart-formulation process, that is inspired in wellness, and will help to improve the way your skin looks and feels. Developed with high-quality naturally-derived ingredients, combined with science and innovation to complement your wellness routine. Supercharge your complexion now!

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Wellness: The New Anti-Aging

Plan of Youth is committed to wellness and we believe that wonderful skin is a combination of great skincare products combined with a healthy lifestyle. When these two work in harmony, they can work wonders for your skin and health. Let us show you how by joining our discovery to inner beauty.

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A Change of Lifestyle

Wellness is about finding balance, and balance brings great health and luminous skin.

Plan of Youth is devoted to beauty, and has developed a unique beauty plan, which is focused on many aspects of wellness and well-being. Our plan will help you to achieve great results, to get a better skin and a better you.

For us, wellness means making wise choices every day, to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life. We encourage you to make your well-being a priority and you can do that by focusing on these five areas: Diet, Exercise, Mindfulness, Beauty and Leisure. Our beauty plan is an effective way to improve the health of your skin and your overall well-being. We believe that consistency in the adoption of the plan is the key, and good results will follow. Work on each area of the plan to achieve a life with balance and good health. Let us help you to get a healthier skin with our great tips.

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Our FREE FROM Products

Plan of Youth cares deeply about your skin and we are always seeking methods to improve your wellness experience. With this in mind we developed our products to minimize possible skin allergies, and we use only skin-friendly ingredients that are proven to be safe. Our formulas are developed and packaged in the USA. See our 'Free From’ list in each product.

Our products are:

Take care of your skin wellness with our 3-step skincare routine and beauty plan.

Our Unique Ingredients

We make our products using only safe and naturally-derived ingredients to give your skin a wonderful infusion of precious nutrients. Our formulas contains a blend of skin-friendly actives to ensure you have a youthful-looking and radiant skin all year round.

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New Trends for Skin Wellness

This is a huge moment for skincare! Skincare is evolving, it is getting smarter, cleaner, and people are more mindful about their choices. The beauty industry is booming with innovative technology and new ingredients, making beauty products more powerful than ever. One of the biggest trends is a natural look, which means going back to the basics and taking care of your skin without complicated multi-step regimens. Plan of Youth simplifies your skincare routine with effective and trendy formulas. Skincare is also about self-care, and helps to unwind from the hectic pressure of life.

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